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Enjoy the plush softness under your feet with luxurious shaggies

The feeling of plush softness beneath your feet is awesome. The homey comfort of a shag rug in your room can impart a completely different feel to the aesthetics of your interiors. At Iconic Rugs Australia, we come with a multitude of fluffy and soft shaggy rugs that have the power to transform a room into a luxurious oasis ...

The importance of a rug cannot be substituted with any other interior elements. We believe that your home is unique; hence we focus on bringing forth the collection of shaggy rugs in a diverse range of sizes and colors to fit every kind of home decor. The incredibly beautiful shaggy rugs are great for bedrooms and living rooms. We have a range of shaggies that feature patterned shaggies, multi-texture shaggies, and shaggies with sheen like silk, designed to give cotton-like softness to your beautiful feet.

Recently, shaggy rugs are enjoying an amazing renaissance. A quick browse through our varieties of designs, styles, and hues will make you bewildered. The modern and abstract print shag rugs are designed from synthetic materials that have stain-proof, moth-proof, anti-allergic properties, and ensure longevity. Our rugs are even ideal for your child’s bedroom to provide the little feet with comfort and warmth during this chilly winter.

If you have a stringent budget, we have the cheaper varieties designed to add an outstanding layer of warmth to your floors. The budget shag rugs give a silky smooth feel along with an unsurpassed level of beauty and comfort. The woolen shaggy rugs are the perfect amalgamation of luxury and comfort. They are designed from the finest natural rug materials.

Our enormous collection includes shaggy rugs with damask, stripes, and other patterns design utilizing quality constructions like hand-tufted, machine-made, and hand-tied methods. Soft-Silk Dark Grey 1001 High Quality Shaggy Rugs Collection, Soft-Silk Beige 1001 High Quality Shaggy Rugs Collection, Soft-Silk Capppuccino 1001 High Quality Shaggy Rugs Collection, Luxury Shaggy 5328, and Moroccan Diamond Sorento 0346 Cream shaggy Rugs are some of the best selling rugs of our stock.

If you are looking for shag rugs for your living room, muted colors live grey rugs and the neutral tones can emerge as a beautiful addition. Again, vibrant colors light beige, black, and cappuccino can make your living room appear lively. White shag rug, red shag rug and multi-color shag rug are the best for adding a splash of color to your beautiful home. We know that colors play a vital role in adding warmth and vitality to space. If you want advice on color selection, contact our interior design experts for a free consultation.

The range of shaggies at Iconic Rugs Australia will definitely blow your mind. Browse our exclusive designer shag rugs’ collection and enjoy a great shopping experience with us. We ship our products across Australia including the major cities like Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.

If you have any queries related to our collection, carpet maintenance, and guide, etc., then contact our team of professionals immediately. They will be glad to answer your questions and will definitely provide you with their expert advice.


Moroccan Trellis Sorento 0844 Grey shaggy Rugs


Moroccan Trellis Sorento 0844 Cream shaggy Rugs


Moroccan Lattice Sorento 0346 Grey shaggy Rugs


Moroccan Diamond Sorento 0346 Cream shaggy Rugs


Moroccan Sorento 0329 Grey Double line shaggy Rugs


Moroccan Sorento 0329 Cream Double line shaggy Rugs


Soft-Silk white 1001 High Quality Shaggy Rugs Collection


Soft-Silk Light Grey 1001 High Quality Shaggy Rugs Collection


Soft-Silk Dark Grey 1001 High Quality Shaggy Rugs Collection


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