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Create a Professional And Beautiful home office with designer Persian Rugs

by Sukhpal Singh on August 04, 2020

Working from home has become the modern trend of the professional industry. When we hear the term work from home, it means you are conducting your official job from the convenience of your residence. So, just as the name suggests, it should partially have the look of an office chamber.  

Home office space requires a mixture of comfort and professional appearance. And, you can achieve a lot more with this extraordinary look with designer Persian rugs. These beautiful and affordable rugs will impart a professional yet homely look to your work-from-home space. Now, the question is about selecting the right one for your home cum office space.

Selection of rugs for your professional cum homely workspace

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing rugs for your home office. However, the following are a few guidelines that will help you to select the best available piece.

You should start your hunt for choosing the right Persian rug by thinking about space utilization and the furniture type you would be placing there. 

Role of office furniture pieces in making rug selection 

You need to understand office furniture pieces are entirely different from the one we use at home. For instance, rolling a chair every time while getting off work or getting down to work in an office is common. However, this constant back and forth movement is responsible for creating deep grooves on the surface of the rugs. It's more visible with deep-piled carpets. Hence, low-piled Persian rugs are the best choice for office use. 

At Iconic Rugs Australia, we take pride in offering the best and largest collection of handmade and high-quality Persian rugs at unbeatable prices, which includes transitional and traditional designs, designer Persian rugs, modern rugs, silk Persian rugs, and more.


To match with the style and décor of your home office space, our latest range of Persian rugs for sale is the perfect fit. Each of the products in our collection is sourced from the best vendors and rug manufacturers across the world. Also, our range of sizes, from hall runners and scattered rugs to oversized and extra large options, we have every possible option in our stock to provide our buyers with their desired choices.

Why avoid rugs with fringes and frill? 

As we are now discussing Persian rugs to enhance the appearance of your home cum office space, so it’s suggested to avoid those having frills and fringes because they can caught in the rollers while moving your chair forward and back. Thus, frayed fringes can damage the look of the entire rug, making it appear torn and shabby.

Why selecting the right size is crucial?

Size is the most vital factor to consider when purchasing a Persian rug for your home cum office. As compared to the other rooms of your residence, home offices usually tend to have smaller dimensional areas. Placing a huge rug can make a small area appear clumsy, messy, and cluttered. 

At Iconic Rugs Australia, we have small rugs that are suitable for this purpose. Rectangular, square and circular Persian rugs work great for home offices. When the edges of a carpet are well-aligned with the lines of the space, it imparts a cohesive and clean look. At Iconic Rugs Australia, we have expert designers who can assist you in making the right selection with accordance to your workspace. Babylon 201 Blue Round Rug, Byblos Tribal Gold Rug, Byblos Country Stripped Beige Rug and Byblos Rustic Stripe Stripped Red Rug are some of the common choices for work-from-home space.

It’s needless to say that colors and patterns are also vital factors for choosing a suitable rug for your office area at home. At Iconic Rugs Australia, we are always there to assist you in choosing the ideal rug for your space, along with suggestions for placement. Our experts can provide you with free tips for handling the carpets for years to come as well as unique ideas to make your home office look more welcoming to the clients. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Pick up the phone now and speak to us without any hesitation and obligations. 


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